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Marty Fowler, our fourteen year old photography intern went along on the trip to document the event. More photos from Marty coming.
I wanted to make sure that this got posted on our Facebook page. We hope to have a steady stream of new photos coming your way this season! I really needed a Northern Lights photo for my Bald Eagle Preserve
Our group of guides and friends- Joe Ordonez, Bruce Blake, Russ Lyman, Eric Kocher and Davey Ozahowski, went out exploring on the Klehini and Chilkat Rivers last Saturday.  This was in preparation for our new tour- the Chilkat Bald Eagle
Our kayak guide, Davey, had just arrived in town. We were so eager for the 2014  season that we headed out to Chilkoot Lake even though it was frozen!
This was a challenging situation because I didn’t have my tripod with me when these Northern Lights showed up. But using a few “tricks” I was able to get this image!  
Bittersweetly, I write my final post for the summer. Last I wrote, I was just returning from my trip to Glacier Point after week 14 – it’s really something for me to consider that already, 5 weeks have passed, and
Week fourteen wasn’t quite as crazy as the weeks before it, so it was nice to take a moment to slow down and breathe. This week was the first week I was able to shadow a Taste of Haines tour,
Week Thirteen has somehow been both incredibly busy, and super relaxing at the same time. This has definitely been the peak of our season, yet – it is the first time I’ve felt like I was caught up with everything
Wow! Talk about “peak season” in summer Alaskan tourism! Things have REALLY been picking up here in Haines, and the past two weeks have flown by in the blink of an eye. I can hardly keep track of myself these
Week ten was a very work-heavy and productive week. I spent a lot of time working hard on a photography book with Joe, eager to see it come to completion before the season is over. It really hit me this
Week nine was a time for me to relax and recuperate from the whirlwind of both having my dad around, and camping out in Glacier Bay. It was also a time of great change. Monday was my last day in
Week eight was an incredible week for me. My dad was still in for the first half of the week, and I had an upcoming trip planned to explore the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. On Monday, we returned
Week Seven was a bit of a transitional stage for me. I knew my dad would be coming in on Friday to spend a week here as a Father’s Day present, and I was feeling very eager to get him
Week six, I said so long to the laid-back and relaxing vibe of the week before, and it was back in action! Monday morning I decided to come into town super early (I think it was sometime around 6:30) to