Our Mission

Our mission is to connect you with Alaska through our high-quality team.

Highest Standards

We are committed to providing an unforgettable experience and superior service for each and every one of our guests.

High Quality Team

Our staff and guides are knowledgeable about the natural and human history of our area and offer great customer service. We strive to communicate well with each other and you, our guests. Meet our team!

Small Tour Groups

We believe in giving you individualized attention. Our small groups provide experiences and visit locations that big bus tours cannot. Our largest vehicle holds 14 guests yet averages 6. Our tour minimum is just 2 guests so, if you are the only couple signed up, your tour won’t cancel!

Local Identity

We are Haines and Skagway specialists, not spread thinly across the state. We compose our team primarily of local hires. For non-local hires, we encourage integration with the community to learn about the area and become a “local” quickly.

Good Community Members

Since we live here, we strive to be good community members. Many of our tours involve partnerships with other Haines businesses. We consider the effects of our tours on the local environment that we call home.

Eco-tourism Commitment

We’ve approached tourism in a sustainable manner since the 1980s. We recycle at the office, donate to local environmental projects and make sure our money stays in the local community. Read our Sustainability Commitment for more on this.