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I took this shot the other night from our front yard at Swan View Cabins Mosquito Lake. We finally had some clear weather. The lake is frozen so the reflection is subdued. Joe
There were several days of cold weather and our Subaru was covered in hoar frost. The northern lights were shining over our rental cabin and the neighbors house was lit up with the stars behind it. Joe
The Northern Lights were glowing behind our rental cabin the other night and I was able to get this shot. Joe
“The sun finally broke out after record-breaking rainfall in July. RGA founder Joe Ordonez celebrated by breaking out his guitar and playing a tune in the sun on the porch in front of the RGA office.”
This Red Tailed Hawk was Kroschel’s Wildlife Center!
This is a bald eagle swooping down to grab a fish!
Kayaking is a great way to enjoy a family vacation!
Great day of kayaking at Chilkoot lake!
This picture was taken driving the 800 miles to Wasilla Alaska!
Hi, my name is Marty Fowler. I am a 14 year old photography intern for RGA and my passion is photography. This is my most recent eagle shot I took out at Chilkat State Park!
At the end of the trip, Davey helps the guests to land their kayak safely at the dock. 
Davey leads the group across Chilkoot Lake.
Here is Davey showing guests the right way to paddle in a kayak. More photos to follow!