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2015 guide training took place May 1-5.  Here guide Cheryl Mullins works the fire extinguisher!
I got this shot of arctic terns during some guide training in Skagway . This is our first post for the 2015 tour season. More coming! Joe
Eagle numbers are dropping but there is still some good action out on the Chilkat. These two eagles fight it out mid-air.
Today we visited Steve Kroschel’s Wildlife Center. This lynx was one of the stars of the day!
A Bald Eagle in flight today. Temperatures have dropped and “pancake” ice floes are forming on the Chilkat River.
Saw a coyote up on the Chilkat Pass and he gave me a look as he went by! Joe
Today we met with Mario Benassi, master falconer and wildlife expert.  Our mission was to photograph three amazing birds- the snowy owl, red-tailed hawk and the goshawk. More shots to follow. Joe
On an outing today to a remote, seldom-visited section of the Chilkat River, I found a river channel frozen smooth as glass, except where a stick had frozen protruded through the ice. Joe
Out on a remote section of the Chilkat River these patterns in the sand were reminders of days past with higher water. Now that cold has set in, the river has dropped until spring. Joe
A few small colored rocks add variety and interest to the foreground of this winter scene. Joe
The sun came out, the lake froze, it snowed, then it rained, the fog appeared, then the mountains came out of the mist. What will tomorrow bring? Joe
This is a beautiful time of the year. The snow has not yet fallen, the temperatures have dropped so that ice is starting to form, and rivers are flowing emerald green. Joe
WIth some careful cropping, I was able to find a pleasing composition emphasizing the vertical orientation of the trees mirrored by the norther lights behind.  Joe
I took this shot the other night from our front yard at Swan View Cabins Mosquito Lake. We finally had some clear weather. The lake is frozen so the reflection is subdued. Joe