“Fox” News


I hope you are doing well. Here ‘s some updates from the Chilkat Valley and Rainbow Glacier Adventures. I was up on the Chilkat Pass the other day with my friend and photography mentor, Oliver Klink. We were looking for wildlife and I told him the area we were approaching was a good place to look for wildlife because two valleys intersected. A few minutes later, this fox came out and allowed us to enjoy a close encounter.

Winter is here and the weather has been variable, everything from below zero weather to just yesterday we had six inches of snow followed by rain! I thought you might enjoy listening to my recent interview on local radio station KHNS. This link has two options….you can listen to the short version that was aired on the radio or listen to the entire unedited version (its about 25 minutes). Let me know what you think!

The link is: http://khns.org/decades-in-the-making-where-eagles-gather-released-to-much-fanfare

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If you happen to be in the area in the next month or so, we’re running a special at our Swan View cabin until February 20th…..if you stay one night the second night is half price! I’m looking out the window right now as I write this at Mosquito Lake and the ever-changing views are almost bringing me to tears…. The fog has been moving in and out, views of the mountains, trees and the lake are changing with each moment. Its like the “Dance of the Seven Veils!”  Who needs TV?