Gathering of the Flock

Written by RGA Guide, Holly Jo Parnell Opinions may not be that of Rainbow Glacier Adventures.

It was a boisterous reunion as the Rainbow Glacier Adventures family gathered in the “bus” for the first meeting of 2012. Many of my fellow guides had grand adventures this winter. Above you see Deborah Marshall, she went sailing 1200 nautical miles in the Pacific Ocean before being marooned on a nearly deserted coral atoll. She was rescued by a supply schooner and later became part of the crew on a cargo ship through the Cook Islands. What a wild winter for a wild woman.



Jen Reid spent 3 months in Baja Mexico.


As we were introduced to the two new employees, Lindsey Moore & Shannon Green, we each spoke about how special it is to work for such a unique tour company as Rainbow Glacier Adventures. Joe’s tour guides are an eclectic group of artistic characters that call Haines, Alaska home year round. That also makes us a bit eccentric. We are the type of people that give Haines its colorful personality.


Robert Chadwell & new RGA guide, Lindsey Moore, enjoyed the beaches of Maui, Hawaii this winter.




Robert pointed out our tours are normally 2-6 people tops. The intimate setting creates unique and lasting impressions on our guests. It is like hanging out with a few choice friends while seeing the “Real” Alaska.


Judy likes that we customize our tours to our guest’s desire. People get to do what they want in Haines when touring with Rainbow Glacier Adventures.


Tom & Carol Ganner missed the first meeting due to a 3 week rafting trip down the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. Poor babies.





Bruce Blake had foreign travels in India but said his real highlight was singing in a gospel choir in the ghetto of San Francisco.



Nelle Jurgeleit-Green also travel far away…to Italy.  Yes, I’m envious.



Ron Horn captured Blue Whales in Loreto Mexico.



Our most “mature” guide, Bob Adkins, found himself in Las Vegas for the first time ever…that is the same destination my husband and I visited as well. Bob was not as impressed as we were with Vegas.

He summed up his Vegas experience with one image that will haunt him for a long time:
Picture a long row of slot machines in a dark, smoky room with a lady sitting down at the far end. She had a mini skirt on that looked more like a belt, with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth…she could not have been a day under 80. As she numbly pulled at the slot machine arm over and over again Bob thought,
“When your face has more wrinkles than your skirt, it is time to quit wearing them”. Bob stated it was his first and LAST time in Vegas.



I loved Vegas…go figure.

RGA Owners, Joe & Edie, had a different kind of adventure this winter. They had their 2nd daughter after eight years, cute little Sapphire. Stella is a happy big sister now.

All of us have the bragging right of surviving a Southeast Alaskan record-breaking winter. Thirty feet of snow (that is 360.7 inches folks) in Haines, Alaska is something to be proud (scared) of for sure. Judy captured it nicely with this shot.

Joe emphasized the fact our company stands for eco-tourism, having minimal impact on the environment and how we are positive community members by taking tours to establishments in Haines like;
Dave & Carol Pahl’s Hammer Museum,



John & Sharon Svenson’s Extreme Dreams Art Studio,

Paul Wheeler & Jeanne Kitayama’s Haines Brewing Company,

Dejon Delights Smoked Salmon emporium,



Schnabel’s Big Nugget Mine.


We support our local businesses and people.
Deborah said it was wonderful that we are a mature, middle-aged group of locals instead of college students from Colorado up for the summer. Everyone piped up in disagreement at being called “middle aged”. Doesn’t she know 50 is the new 30? Besides, a few of us haven’t reached that yet…but we knew what she was getting at. We are the real deal in authentic “Alaskan Lifers”.

People in the lower 48 do not understand why people would CHOOSE to live in a location that does not get cell service, electricity from the city, or even water in some cases. Outhouses are not a thing of the past here in Haines, Alaska. Embrace that and you might be ready to move here too, or just come visit.

The Rainbow Glacier Adventures Family is ready for a wonderful summer!