Ultimate Quadruple Combo Tour

Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

This Skagway combo tour lets you explore the area by raft, in the air, along the highway and on water.

The tour starts on a bush plane for a 50-minute scenic flight over glaciers. You’ll see several notable glaciers including the Rainbow Glacier and the Davidson glacier, which feature waterfalls and other jaw-dropping sights. Be on the lookout for mountain goats as you make your way to Haines.

In Haines, you’ll join your guide for a fun drive along the Haines Highway, a National Scenic Byway . Make sure to have your camera out; wildflowers, moose and mountains are just a few of the things you might see during your 30 mile drive.

Eventually, you will reach the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve and journey via rubber raft into the Alaskan wilderness. This is a float trip; so don’t worry about rough waters. This preserve is home to one of the largest bald eagle communities in the world; every year, thousands of eagles fly here to eat salmon during the colder seasons. There’s more to the area than bald eagles, however: You might see trumpeter swans, river otters, bear or moose. And the scenery is breathtaking!

After about one and a half hours of rafting, you’ll stop for a picnic lunch before heading back to Haines. Next, board an ocean catamaran for a 45 minute journey. The views are spectacular; bald eagles and harbor seals are commonly sighted. And there are dozens of unnamed waterfalls dropping from the steep walls of the cliffs as you return to Skagway.

Ultimate Quadruple Combo Tour

  • 6.5 hours from Skagway
  • $495 per person
  • 4 person minimum

*order of activities may vary