2012 Tours to Big Nugget Mine in Porcupine Creek will start June 1st!

Written by RGA Guide, Holly Jo Parnell        HainesAlaskaTourguide.blogspot.com. Opinions may not be that of Rainbow Glacier Adventures.


Rainbow Glacier Adventures has exclusive access to give tours to one of the most famous gold mines in America right now.  Yep, The Schnabel’s Big Nugget Mine at Porcupine Creek in Haines Alaska!

Grandpa John & his grandson will be searching for the yellow pay dirt again this summer.  I can’t wait to see how much gold the Schnabel Family will find this coming season.  It has been fun watching last season on TV. 

We took tours out to Big Nugget Mine last year, where some fascinated guests saw first hand what it is really like at the Schnabel’s Gold Mine on Porcupine Creek.

Travel Writer, Roy Stevenson & Photographer Linda Popovich
with John Schnabel in 2011 at Big Nugget Mine

Travel Writer Roy Stevenson came on the tour with his wife, Linda.  He wrote a great article on Haines and told about how our Gold Rush to Porcupine Tour was a highlight of his Haines Alaska visit.  He even mentions me!  It is going to be published in a magazine called Lost Treasure later this year.  You can get a sneak peak at the link below.  Reader be warned, it will make you want to live here.



The Good Stuff


I am looking forward to guiding the Gold Rush to Porcupine Tour at Big Nugget Mine again.  Hopefully the Schnabel’s hit the Mother Lode this summer!


I took a quick kiss – Grandpa John Schnabel is a sweetheart!

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